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100% Natural. Chemical Free.

Finally, a product that controls the top three horse travel stress factors

Whether trailering across town or the country, you want your horse to arrive healthy, stress-free and ready to win. Your trailer plays a major role in making that happen. It can be home to mites, lice, and fleas; these parasites live in the cracks, crevices, and bedding where they come out at night to feed on the horse.  Flies and mosquitoes are a nuisance that carry deadly viruses that will affect the health of your horse. Ammonia NH3 is extremely harmful to the respiratory systems of horses. Healthy Trailer eliminates all of these problems in one simple product, providing you with a much happier and healthier horse.

Better Environment means Better Performance

“A major limiting factor in equine performance is low grade respiratory tract infections.” Dr Tomas Tobin DVM. The barn and trailer environment are often a prime source of irritation to the equine respiratory system, thanks to the prevalence of dust, odor and bedding in an enclosed area.

You are on your way to creating the perfect travel environment for your horse.

Simply connect to the hose, turn the nozzle and spray the trailer walls and floors. You’ll have full protection from these common horse travel trailer problems:

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